GNOME at LinuxTag -- status report

OK. We've got our booth secured. How large it will be, that is, how
many computers, posters etc. we will need, is not clear yet.

I, personally, would like to have at least six computers there, four
running off-the-shelf GNOME or Helix GNOME on the major distributions
(Red Hat, SuSE, Debian, Caldera), one running GNOME on a non-Linux
platform such as a *BSD (or maybe someone can bring along a Solaris
machine), and one running the latest GNOME from CVS. For my talk about
GNOME, I'll hopefully be able to get a remote X session hooked up
between one of the machines and a beamer in the auditorium, like the
KDE people did last year. We shall see.

Leftover merchandise like posters, CDs, etc. from other
trade shows will probably be mailed to me; I'll see to how much this
will work out. As the CDs will be rather dated in June, I'd like a
better solution. I've heard that there will be an official Helix GNOME
CD; maybe we can have a thousand pressed as giveaways?

T-shirts can be bought at At the normal price, we should
be able to get 20 T-shirts for the crew at $300. Maybe we can talk
copyleft into giving them to us cheaper if we mention them as a

Anyway we'll need some company to give us those $300. That leads me up
to the list of sponsors I'm currently compiling. I currently know only
the Web sites of the GUADEC sponsors, I'll have to look the e-mail
contact adresses up. I'll add some LinuxTag sponsors and some German
firms that could be interested, and then I'm going to mail out a
bilingual circular to get statements from potential sponsors.

Stickers and stuff are rather expensive to buy at copyleft or such;
that is completely out of the question. Thus, we'll have got to have
some made. Is there anyone volunteering to design anything? Or are
there designs already that we could use? Maybe someone's got contacts
to a company that can make stickers and other merchandise (cheap)?

In Germany, there are several large office supplies retailers who will
cheaply print logos on large numbers of stickers, biros, calendars and
such. Trouble is that private persons cannot order; any order must
come from a company or other corporation. I suppose this is the same
for suppliers of that kind in other countries. It would be best if
some company like Helix or Eazel would go ahead and have the stuff
made in their name and on their account.

That's it for now.

A sine curve goes off to infinity or at least the end of the blackboard
		-- Prof. Steiner

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