Re: X becoming a memory hog

> I've noticed that X has become a memory hog on my machine -- using 1/3 
> of my memory (64 meg + swap).  Is this related to gnome and/or
> enlightenment, or is the problem elsewhere?  Or am I moron and there
> is no problem (X is always a memory hog and I never noticed)?

Without much else running, X can take around 6 to 10 megs of memory. However,
if you are running gnome, using pixmap-based themes can double the amount
of memory that X uses. For every new window you open, X grows even more,
with all those pixmaps everywhere. Also, running netscape for a while also
tends to add a few megs to X.

My suggestion : If you running a pixmap-based theme, then definitely switch
to a simple color-based (or even the default) theme. Don't keep too many
windows open. And restart netscape every now and then. If you are running
Redhat (like I am), logging out into gdm results in a X server restart, which
is useful if you see X running away with your memory (i.e. a possible leak).

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