Re: Too large menues

On Wed, Mar 22, 2000 at 11:31:20AM +0100 or thereabouts, Joachim Trinkwitz wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have some submenues in the foot menu with a lot of entries so I
> can't see all of them, even in 1024x768 (which is the highest res my
> monitor can supply, and even that is not very good for my eyes).
> Is there a possibility to have scrolling submenues like in
> WindowMaker? Or another solution?

The menus in GNOME like that are handled by GTK+. See the Wonderful
Wonderful Gnome Bug Tracker ( for several 
similar accounts. (5502, 2151, 1711.) It's a long-standing problem
going by the disparity of dates on those, so I imagine it's a pretty
complicated one to fix properly in the code.

I don't know of an easy fix from my (user) point of view. With some menus 
such as the font menu in Gnumeric or the game menu in the 'select' 
toolbar item in Aisleriot, one way around it is to move the entire 
_window_ (the one with the button in that produces that menu) up or 
down the screen, and then reselect that menu: and it will appear with
different parts of it off the screen. Um. Not ideal :)

For menus that are attached to things like panels (like the foot
menu) I dunno. I suppose you could convert the panel to a floating
one (if you have gnome-core-1.1.x) or to be at the top of the screen
or the side and see if you get different parts of the very very long

If it's specifically parts of the foot menu which are the problem, then
if this is the System or User (in gnome 1.1.x, Programs and Favourites) 
sections of the main menu, convert those to submenus themselves, so that
you get "System" and "User" and then the rest and the contents of
System and User are in submenus. 

Or, if they are already submenus, use the Menu Editor from Settings 
(gmenu at the command line) to split their contents up yet further 
into smaller sub-sub-menus. This is probably your best option. If
it's in System (or Programs) then you'll have to be root to edit that
section because that affects the parts everyone sees. 

Best I can do. If I'm missing something really obvious, I'd be
delighted if someone would tell me :) Otherwise, I guess it's wait
until a new GTK+ comes out? 


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