Re: Helix Gnome Observations...

On Sat, 18 Mar 2000 14:59:40 you wrote:
> I am experienceing the themeing problem too. It seems that that
> purple/dark gray gtk theme is forceing itself ontop of what ever theme
> you select. I selected thinice, and the scrollbars and stuff are thin ice,
> but the color of the widgets are dark gray, and the selection color is
> purple.

  I, too, am experiencing difficulties with GTK themes.  And though my 
are similar, they are not identical:  various widgets, specifically the 
bar, contain words that are far too dark to read.  Other people have also
experienced this problem, and seem to find it as annoying as I do 
it renders the desktop unusable).
  But, like so many others, I'm putting my faith in the helix development 
I'm sure the bugs discussed herein and elsewhere will all be tackled 


cclay at fastlane dot net
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