Re: how to change name and command of icon in desktop?

  cd somedirectory ; runprogram
    it work! thank you.

Anyway, I still have a problm that I can't rename the icon.  I right-clicked the icon and selected "Edit" menu item, then I change the "Name[en_us...]" to whatever name,  but it didn't change in the desktop even though I tried to right-clicked on the desktop and select "Rescan ...".

"Anthony E. Greene" wrote:

San Segkhoonthod wrote:
> I created new launcher in my desktop: entered name,command, and changes
> type to "Application".  Then, I wanted to change name and command, but I
> couldn't?  I clicked on its properties but I didn't see a way to do
> that.
> Is it be design? or is there a way to do that?


The design whould allow editing of the properties in the interface that
assigned them in the first place. Thankfully the desktop object is generated
from a text file. So selecting "Edit" should open the file in your editor.

To change the startup directory, set the exec command like so:

  cd somedirectory ; runprogram

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