gnome panel disappeared


I managed to lose my Gnome Panel from my screen. Now when I minimize any
window, it looks like a little bar at the bottom of my screen where the
panel used to be. Can anybody help me get it back?

What I was doing just before I lost my panel was I installed Powershell
0.8 on my machine. Stupid move I know. I installed it successfully with
an RPM. Next thing I tried was to click on the footprint for the Gnome
Panel Main menu and it disappeared. Never to be seen again. Here are my

Distribution:                  Red Hat Linux
Operating System:              Linux
Distribution Version:          Red Hat Linux release 6.0 (Hedwig)

Operating System Version:      #1 Mon Apr 19 23:00:46 EDT 1999
Operating System Release:      2.2.5-15
Processor Type:                i686

I am not really sure how to check what version of gnome I am using. But
it is only a couple of months old because the whole system is only a
couple of months old.



Daniel Torres

Physical Oceanography
MS 21
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543

phone	: 508-289-2845
fax	: 508-457-2181
email	:

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