Re: Gnome Hint: disable

> On 13-Mar-2000 Loban Rahman wrote:
> >>   In gnome 1.1.5, how can I disable the Gnome
Hint.  There's no
> >>   option the
> >> control panel for that.
> >
> > Actually, there is. It's under the Session ->
Startup Hint capplet.

>It ought to be!
>What version of gnomecc (in the control-center
package) do you have.
>Mine is 1.0.51.
>Look again, maybe you missed it.

  >  - Background

There may be a problem with gnome-hint-capplet. I
installed helix-gnome last week, and can't get rid of
gnome-hint because the capplet doesn't appear in the
control-panel (1.0.51). Craving for a solution...

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