Helix Gnome Problems

>> 1) My tasklist no longer switches viortual screens when clicking on a 
>> task, first click seems to minimise the app, second opens it on the 
>> current desktop. 
>That _is_ a feature, not a bug. I think this should be an option as to 
>which it does, I like the behaviour he describes.. 

You like it opening on the current desktop, I like it moving to the Apps
desktop as it did in October Gnome.  Also I note that the pager is a bit
erratic, when changing to a virtual desktop (I use Enlightenment, which
scrolls the whole display) the representation is the pager scroll of the
side, this is also unlike the October Gnome.  My guess is that before the
Helix release I was using the original Gnome Pager rather than the separate
task list and pager set-up we now have.  Is there any way to install the
older applets?  I could download the source only but past experience with
CVS applets have been poor (I don't yet have the skills to make them work).

>> 2) The keep menus in memory option keeps is not saving, and not working. 
>> The result is a windows like delay when selecting a menu (while I wait 
>> for the icons to render). It's not long, about 0.25 of a second for a 
>> big menu, but it's not as cool as the instant response I had from 
>> October gnome. 
>Ok, I've fixed this in CVS. The properties capplet was loading and saving 
>different config keys, which were different again to what the panel uses. 
>Thanks for pointing this out, the apparent slowness of the menu had been 
>bugging me for a while... 

Has the keep menus in memoery actuall been disabled or is it the control
panel not saving the corect changes?  If the second choice I could edit the
config by hand if some one could tell me where to look.

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