Re: X Server & Gnome crashes and locks up whole Server.

>         Has anyone ever heard of X-Windows locking up an entire
> server, to the point of having to hit the reset button.

	Did the mouse cursor quit moving?  Did hitting the numlock key NOT
toggle the "Numlock" light on your keyboard?  Was your Hard Drive light on
(solid), off, or flickering at all after the "freeze up"?

	Possible situations:

1) Hardware (RAM/mobo/video card/etc.) has a problem.

2) Your terminal locked up, but your computer did not.  If you have access
to a LAN, try telnetting into your computer after the "freeze up".  If you
can telnet in (and shut it down gracefully by 'su'ing to root) then your
video card has a mental problem.  This can be especially possible if
you're using a 3D card.

3) Kernel panic for some reason.  Check /var/log/messages to see if there
are any informative logs after the freeze-up (and reboot :).

Good Luck,
Derek Simkowiak

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