HelixCode GNOME and GTK themes


After installing HelixCode GNOME I realized that my CoolIce GTK+ theme
does not work properly with the new apps: the widgets are too dark (with
some exceptions), the highlight color is different, even though the test
window in Control Center shows the theme OK:

Also, some of menu items are strangely truncated, even though the menu
is much wider than necessary:
http://www.zagiel.pl/tmp/helix-gnome/menus.png (look for "Narzedzia" in
the upper left corner).

And one more thing: is there REALLY no way to switch off menu icons?
That would be a disappointment. On my P166 I can see the menus slow
down, even though HelixCode GNOME runs significantly faster than October
GNOME. What's wrong with a toggle? It should definitely be there in the
panel options.


It seems I compressed the PNG screenshots to death - the colors are not
what they really are, but you should be able to see what's wrong.

Grzegorz Staniak <gstaniak@zagiel.pl>

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