Menu editor problem

Hi there,

I recently compiled and installed Gnome, from the latest sources on  It looks and works great, except for one problem:

The menu editor won't run.  When I try running it from the main menu
(Settings -> Menu editor), it barfs.  The following message is printed
to the terminal:

	"unable to retrieve GNOME installation directory"

Nothing else, and no further information.  This happens both as root,
and as a regular user.

Can you please advise me?  What am I doing wrong?  Do I have to set some
environment variable, stating where Gnome resides?  If so, where can I
find out about that?

Thanks in advance,
David Nelson


SuSE 6.2 intel version.  Downloaded source tarballs from this week, and installed. 
Installed in the order suggested by the Gnome FAQ file.  No custom
options specified: a straight "./configure, make, make install"

One problem I encountered which may or may not be relevant is as
follows:  There seemed to be a discrepancy between the different
packages, as to where things were supposed to be.  The default
installation put a lot of stuff in "/usr/local/share/gnome", including
the help files, apps, etc.  Gnome went looking for these things in
"/opt/gnome/share/gnome", and couldn't find them.  So I made a symbolic
link pointing "/opt/gnome/share/gnome" towards "/usr/local/share/gnome",
then the help files and the main menu seemed to work.

For further details, please contact me.

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