printing in gnome-cal?

Is anyone working on a way to print from gnomecal (part of gnome-pim)?
(Screen shots are possible, but crude.)

I looked at piping the gnomecal usercal.vcf file to pscal, by Mark Hanson.
PSCal prints a monthly calendar.  It uses an input file (by default,
~/.holiday), with data lines consisting of:
	mm:dd:event name
as in:
	03:08:go to barbershop

I got as far as a little script:

#!/bin/gawk -f
BEGIN { FS = ":"; OFS = ":"}
/DTSTART/ {psc[1]=substr($2,5,2); psc[2]=substr($2,7,2) };
/SUMMARY/ {psc[3]= $2; print psc[1],psc[2],psc[3] }
/RRULE/   {dayincrcode=substr($2,1,2); print dayincrcode; print $2}

that converts usercal.vcf to .holiday.  This script takes care of the
one-time events, but doesn't yet do anything with the recurring event rules,
which is of course the hard part.  Before I attempt to do the hard part, has
anyone already done this or similar work?  



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