Re: Enlightenment 0.16 problems?

On 3 Mar 00, Wandered Inn had this to say about Re: Enlightenment 
0.16 problems?:  

> Stephan Zaniolo wrote:

> > I heard there are problems with GNOME (don't know what
> > version) and Enlightenment 0.16.  Is this true?  If so, does
> > anyone know what the problems are? 
> I'm currently running E 0.16.3 and GNOME 1-0.53 (via rpms) and have no
> real problems to speak of.  You certainly want to be at E 0.16.3 though.

I had some problems with 0.16.3 rpm binary and RH6.1 w/updated 
gnome (only as a normal user though, not as root).

I then switched to the 0.16.4 CVS code, and it works great.  I 
don't even use or need much of gnome now (enlightenment seems much 
cooler without it).  There's a bare-bones enlightenment file 
manager also, slated for the 0.17 release (you can get it via CVS 
as module efm).

Just my $.02


Stephen L Arnold            
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