Re: Multi-head display

> Marc Campbell wrote:
> Hello all-
> I am new to gnome, have looked everywhere I can find, but cannot find
> the answer to this little problem that I am having...
> I am running a plain vanilla RH 6.1 with Enlightenment and GNOME.  I
> got the MetroX server, and 2 supported Matrox video cards to do the
> multiple monitors.  It appears that 2 instances of the window manager
> start, but I am not sure what to do with gnome.  Do I (or can I) start
> 2 sessions of gnome, one for each monitor / video card?  Can I copy
> the panel from the primary display to the secondary display?
> Any pointers anyone can give would be greatly appreciated...
> -Thanks
> Marc Campbell

I personally run Xfree86 3.9.17 (.18 is now available) which is free. I
use two matrox cards and a voodoo2.  To do it that way, you would need
gnome on each display. With Xfree86's optional Xinerama it would be seen
as one desktop and gnome would accomodate (as if it was just a high

Eric Windisch

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