gtkhtml (Owen ? Tim ? Elliot?)

I agree with all the ppl who said that if gtkhtml is dependant on gnomelibs 
than it should probably be called GnomeHTML. I also believe there could be 
a use for a HTML rendering widget outside GNOME (palm devices, kiosks, etc. 
- some of these may not even need printing support).

Since these discussion is closely related to GTK+ maybe Owen Taylor or Tim 
Janik (or Elliot Lee who's working on embedded GTK+) could tell us their 
opinion. Should there be a GTK only HTML rendering widget ? If so should it 
be a part of GTK+ ? If not, should the current widget be renamed to 
GnomeHTML ? Should printing support go into GTK+ ? Should GTK+ and GNOME 
libs become one ? Should I shut up ?

Thanx in advance.


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