Re: request for a feature for panel

> Sri Ramkrishna <> writes:
> > I don't know about you all.  But one of the most annoying things about teh
> > applets is given a desktop witch many panels; it's hard to predict which
> > panel it will decide to attach itself to.  It's generally the one I don't
> > want it on.  For instance, some applets will attach itself to the menu
> > panel.
> Well, one thing you can do currently is drag the menu entry to exactly
> where on the panel you want the applet to be.

Do you think this is a feature you might be interested in?  Perhaps I can
code it.  It doesn't seem overly difficiult feature to put in
gnome-core.  It might possibly can be written as an applet "ie
applet-attractor" or something.


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