MIME type help

Please, please help me.
I'm using the Helix GNOME desktop and I am having trouble setting MIME types and associations in gmc.  When I edit the MIME types, only certain changes work--other types do not.  For example:
1) I changed the .mp3 default type to use "xmms %f" instead of "mpg123 %f" -- this worked fine.  The change is noted in the MIME types list and xmms runs when I double-click a .mp3 file in gmc.
The next change, did not work:
2) I changed the .mpg default type to use "xtheater %f" instead of "xanim -f %f" -- and this did NOT work.  The change was noted in the MIME editor's list, but when I double-click a .mpg file or .mpeg file, even though xtheater is in my path, gmc tries to load xanim and gives a message stating that it cannot find xanim and that the default type for video/mpeg should be changed.  When I look at the definition for video/mpeg, my change is STILL noted in the MIME editor--it just doesn't work.
Why is this not working for certain types?  And perhaps you could tell me where the master default list of which application loads which filetype is stored.  I found one mime-types list (I think in /etc, but I am away from a linux box right now) but it only lists the types and not which application is used to open each one.
PLEASE HELP ME!  I'm going crazy trying to sort this out.  I do not subscribe to this list, so could you please e-mail me the solution directly to:  ksignorini@canoemail.com
Thank you so much,
Kent A. Signorini

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