Re: Fw: I hate the slogan "computing made easy"

  Sydney> Robert Roeser wrote:
    >>  How about this for a slogan:
    >> "Working to make free easy"
    >> Robert Roeser

    Sydney> It sounds disturbingly like "Arbeit macht frei". What
    Sydney> about something more benign like "Come home to GNOME" or
    Sydney> even "Take control with GNOME", depending on whether you
    Sydney> want to sell personality or configurability.

This is problem I've found during the translation of the website into
italian: "Gnome is computing made easy" can't have a good translation
in italian, so we choose to have "Usare il computer non e' mai stato
cosi' facile".. which sound in english like "Using a computer.. has
never been so easy". (see

BTW, "GNOME is GNU made easy" sound much much better to me, even
translated into italian. 

Christopher R. Gabriel -- http:/

"Marisa svegliami e abbracciami, e' stato un sogno fortissimo"
			-- Paolo Conte

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