Re: make gnome listen on localhost:*

On Wed, Jun 14, 2000 at 12:06:09PM -0400 or thereabouts, Elliot Lee wrote:
> Nobody here has demonstrated a clue about why those sockets are listening,
> what the security implications are, and what steps have been taken to make
> sure there are no security problems (CE excepted, just in case).

Probably because the first person to ask was asking because they
didn't know? You are probably the ideal person to explain what they
are, why they're necessary, and what the security implications are
or aren't, and if you do that, then we can all point to the message
in the archives when it comes up again, as it will :)

So. Pretty please?

"What are all these open ports?" was actually on my list of potential
FAQ questions, because I have seen the question often enough. The
reason I didn't put it in is because, um, I've never seen an answer
that looked authoritative which I understood.


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