Re: Gnome Guide (pager)

Thanks for that

My confusion was that there are 2 task list, the task list applet that
gets added to  the panel and the task list that is part of Gnome Guide
(the pager) (down arrow next to the virtual desktop pager) When I have
lots of apps running on lots of screen the task list of the pager is
very good for switching between programs because it displays the full
name of the app.

It would be nice if the Task list applet had hints that displayed the
full name of the application on a mouse passed over?

Thanks again wrote:
> > Just in case there is some confusion I am referring to the drop down list
> > attached to the  pager. Is there more than 1 task list? (i'm new to gnome)
> Panel menu->add applets->utility->tasklist
> (Or some close approximation to that)
>  Thats the proper tasklist and it won't show the GMC or panel stuff.
> iain
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