Re: helix-gonme 1.2 - very nice but what about browsers?

> Thanks for the information. i will try to get some
> news about that.
> Thanks too to the people pointed me to mozilla... but
> mozilla looks very like netscape... and is not a gkt
> nor gnome app.

That is because it IS a browser by itself (and news reader
and mail client). Nautilus is the file-manager, which will
use a Mozilla bonobo component to handle URL's. So if you
are just looking for a browser, Mozilla is it. If you are
looking for a file-manager-browser-image-viewer-etc-all-in-one
componentized thingy-that-works-like-mickeysoft's-explorer,
then you'll have to wait for Nautilus.

If you're impatient, compile a CVS snapshot of it. I did and it's
pretty sweet.

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