Re: RH Gnome Sucks ?

Perhaps Miguel's right.  Some of his opinions make sense (for example, not only is
lack of code reuse a waste of time and effort, but also memory and disk space when
the programs are used on the same machine).  Other, like 'UNIX sucks' (what he
meant by that exactly, I'm not sure), may be off... for example, nothing in UNIX
stops people from sharing code.  Nothing in Windows makes people share code.  It's
the individual programmers.  I mean, GNOME doesn't run on Windows, and it's already
got a bunch of code reuse.  Bonobo will make it even more so.  Seriously, the only
'flaw' with the UNIX implementation of an operating system is that far too often
bad designs have to be kept in to keep the system UNIX compatible (although, for
example, Linux 2.4.0 will break some old stuff for the sake of useful innovation,
and all the power to it!).

Anyways, I'm rambling....

I just thought perhaps I'd point out that just because someone says something you
dislike, doesn't mean it's wrong, doesn't mean it's misquoted, whatever.  Quite
often, if anything is taken out of context, it's the reader...

BTW, if any of you thought RH GNOME 'sucks', take a look at how Mandrake mangled
it... ~,^  At least Red Hat told the truth when they said they use Helix GNOME.
And RH didn't KDE-ize it.... But now I'm on a totally different tangent...

Sean Middleditch

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