helix: gimp sys wide install not available

I used the latest helix package to upgrade/install gnome and sawfish.   
It went very smoothly, and I've been quite happy.

One thing though, when I click on 'gimp' in the 'graphics' menu, it wants
to do an install.  Which is OK by me.  The only thing is, it wants to
install it in the user's home directory, even if the user is 'root'.

There doesn't seem to be an option for a system wide install.

How do I do a system wide install?

Thank you for any suggestions.

Also, is there a helix mailing list for users?  At the helix web site, I
didn't see any links for one.

                            - Martin J. Brown, Jr. -                           
                            - mjbjr@beaudesign.com -                           
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