Re: Single Click Desktop Icons

On 11-Jul-2000 John Aldrich wrote:
> That's too bad. If that's the case, then I probably will stick with
> KDE. I *like* single-click to launch. Helix-Gnome looks nice, but
> when I loaded it, I really missed the single-click to launch that I
> have in KDE. I see no reason to REQUIRE double-click. It's just more
> work for the user to do. I, personally, wouldn't OBJECT to it being
> optional, wiht the default to be double-click, but I think it would
> be a better service to the end user to allow single-click.
> Just my $0.03 (inflation.)
>       John

Well, I single-click desktop icons in Gnome by right-clicking and dropping down
a hair to "open".

Brett Castleberry
E-Mail: $
Date: 11-Jul-2000
Time: 23:21:00

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