How can I generate glibconfig.h on my system ?

Hello all,

I tried to compile glitter usign make after running ./configure and i
got this message : 
/usr/include/glib:66: glibconfig.h : No such file or directory

I made some searches on the Internet and found this problem could be due
to : 

	_ glib-devel not installed but I have them installed
	_ glibconfig.h not being in the right directory but I dont even 		have
glibconfig.h on my system. I did a find on the whole sys 			and I cant
find it.

So my question is how do I generate glibconfig.h. I thought I could do
that by using glib-config --cflags or glib-config --libs but that has
not worked.

Help !!!

Thanks in advance,

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