Re: gnumeric 0.48 can't find plug-ins

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>> Subject: gnumeric 0.48 can't find plug-ins

>> I'm using a RH6.0 system, found the xml, glade and print
>> resources needed, and built gnumeric 0.48 from source.  

>> Gnumeric doesn't preload any of the plug-ins.  I can 
>> add them manually, but they don't persist the next time
>> I start up.  

>> The plugins are in:  /usr/local/lib/gnumeric/plugins/0.48

>Stabbing in the dark here, but you might try using the included spec file to
>build an gnumeric RPM and see if that location change makes any difference.
>You can build the gnumeric RPM with a command like 'rpm -tb

That doesn't work either.  See the related thread on

Unfortunately the affected machine is currently down, so I can't play around
too much.


John GOTTS <>

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