Gnome-Pim w/ Pilot

Ok. Yesterday i go home w/ my new hand-me-down palmpilot III.
install all the packages to intergrate the pilot w/ gnome.
mal-conduit ; pilot-link ; gnome-pim ; gnome-pim-conduits etc.
However when trying to set this up via gnomecc-pilot-link the text box
for the port was unable to take any text. Also tried to change the user
and tried to apply. This gave me a access denied message.
(Note: I was logged in as root.)
Kpilot worked without a hitch.
What gives. Please help.
Also i had gnome-pim cvs version installed under /usr/ not /usr/local.
If someone would be so kind as to tell me how to uninstall that so there is no question
that it is causing problems.
Thanks in advance.

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