Re: Gnome crashes often

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, David J. Kanter wrote:

> I would like to use Gnome with Sawmill but cannot because Gnome
> crashes too often to be useful.

What versions of the GNOME components do you have installed?

> Typically I will be able to log on, through Debian's xdm, and Gnome
> will start just fine. But usually within a few minutes all it takes
> is a mis-click and Gnome dies. I've noticed it more frequently when
> hitting the configurator button or the foot menu (because that's as
> far as I get with Gnome).

Someone else mentioned xfs crashes as an explanation. Can you find out if
this is the cause? (Is xfs still running after things go south?)

-- Elliot
Red Hat, a Red Hat company

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