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As you refered to, please do make this default - turning it off would be

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> "Poletti, Don" wrote:
> > > Colin Holywell <> writes:
> > >
> > > > How could I make the Gnome splash screen stay visible 
> longer during
> > > > startup?
> > >
> > > Wow.  Typically one wants it to go away quickly so they 
> can use their
> > > computer.
> > >
> > > I suppose I could make it do what red hat's splash screen
> > > does (stays up
> > > for at least 5 seconds).  I'll think about it :)
> >
> > Please don't make it last longer if that means it will be 
> longer until
> > I can use my computer! But there does seem to a period of 
> time (a few
> > seconds?)
> > after the splash screen diasappears and the system is 
> useable. It would be
> > nice if the splash screen stayed up until everything was done.
> >
> The reason I want it to stay longer is because from the time 
> I login on gdm
> and the time that my desktop appears is about 10-15 seconds.  
> I would like to
> have the splash screen up there while its loading.

Having it stay up while EVERYTHING loads would be great. I especially would
like to know what is going on after the desktop appears but before you
can really do anything. So in addition to staying up it could have more
like "starting panel" and "loading session" etc. But I know this
can be very hard if not impossible to program.

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