starting gnome-icu in "offline" mode????


I hope somebody here can help with my problem, I've tried to email the
author of the program w/o success.   I would like to be able to configure
gnome-icu so that when it starts it does not try to connect to the icq
server.  I have a dial up connection that is set up with pppd on demand.
If I leave gnome-icu in the panel it tries to initiate a connection to the
icq server whenever I log into X, and I have to wait for the modem to
initialize, connect etc. before I can do any work.  I know I can simply add
gnome-icu to the panel and remember to remove it when I'm done, but this is
a pain.  In a nutshell, when I log into X I want gnome-icu "offline" and
not to go "online" untill I tell it to do so.   I've looked at the
.gnomeicu for the relevant settings w/o any luck.   Any ideas?



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