Re: Newbie problems

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Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2000 5:52 PM
Subject: Newbie problems

> I've just installed RH6.1.  It's been several years since I used an *nix
> system.  I was fooling around with enlighten and messed it up somehow.
> At first, when I minimized a window, the windows title would appear in a
> small block on the bottom panel.  Now, instead of minimizing the window,
> it closed instead.
> For instance, if I click on the upper right-hand box containing a dash,
> it used to minimize, now it closes.
> Any hints?
> Mike W

I'm not exactly sure what's causing that but If all you have is what came
with RH 6.1 you shold really get some updates. (they should make a lot of
little problems go away and give you a much nicer setup) I'd suggest you go
get October Gnome and Enlightenment 0.16.3.

I'm assuming you'r running Enlightenment 0.15 at the moment which didn't
handle iconification very well and I think I remember hearing about
disapearing windows. You might want to check if your programs are really
being closed or if they are just being minimzed to somewhere you can't get
at. (run top in a terminal)


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