Re: Windows Media Player to be ported to Linux

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 07:54:10AM -0600, Daniel Hauck wrote:
> I just read on that there is a Microsoft plan
> to port its Media Player to Linux.  Anyone else aware of this?  I think some
> gnome developers should volunteer their services to be sure MS does it right
> (which is 'better than under windows').  I think it would be strange for
> them not to write a dialog box saying "the sound resources are in use but we
> can still play sounds!"
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 MS has been saying that a UNIX port was "right around the corner" for about 2 
years now, so dont hold your breath.  This implementation will be 
closed-sourced, so I doubt gnomers wil be able to help

  It would be nice though.

Brian Sea

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