Re: Programmatically rescanning desktop or creating launcher

>  I've been trying to find out how to create a desktop
>  launcher from a program or script, without much luck.
>  When I manually create a launcher file under 
>  ~/.gnome-desktop, the icon does not show up
>  until the Rescan Desktop menu is clicked. I have
>  also tried a few of the gnome_desktop_entry APIs,
>  but these also seem to require rescanning the desktop.

You can use the Midnight Commander's CORBA interface to ask it to
rescan the desktop.  Please see mc/idl/FileManager.idl.

>From a shell script you can also use the `gmc-client' program with the
`--rescan-desktop' option.  You can look at its source to see how it
calls MC via CORBA.

>  Is there a simple and stable API or script, available under RedHat
>  6.0, that can help me?

The version of MC in Red Hat Linux 6.0 is ancient.  Please upgrade to
the latest version from


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