Re: Keymaps/GKB

Once mawbid simnet is wrote:
]And in the short term, a keyboard shortcut to cycle keymaps would be 
]awfully nice. The fact that this isn't already a gkb feature leaves
]me wondering if it's perhaps hard for panel applets to monitor the
]keyboard globally. Is it?

 Yes, it is. I'm hacking for keyboard grabbing long time ago, but I've got
problems yet. Very strange problems. I think Gnome sets event hooks
directly, because my events disappear every time when I give back 
control to Gnome.

 So it will be a great hack, but be patient, in 1.4 will be a better gkb, I

 The cooperation with window managers is a good and old idea, I made some
suggestions about a real gnome-wm (I mean every window title could contain a
panel or something like a gtk_container...)


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