control-center mouse options do not effect USB mice.

I have a laptop with a built-in touchpad (PS/2) mouse,
plus an attached Microsoft Optical Intellipoint USB mouse.

The problem is that I use the mouse with my left hand.
Changing the mouse settings in the control-center only
changes the left/right selection for my touchpad.

Here's my suggestion:

It is now possible to have several pointing devices
driving the XFree86 pointer (a Wacom digitizing pad,
a couple of USB mice and a PS/2 mouse) at the same time.
In the case of the USB mice, there are both individual
device files for each mouse, but there is also a device
that blends the input from all mice.  I currently have
my PS/2 mouse configured as the CorePointer and my
/dev/input/mice device configured to also drive the

    InputDevice "PS/2 Mouse" "CorePointer"
    InputDevice "USB Mice" "SendCoreEvents"

What I would like would be for the control-center to
check what mouse input devices are currently in use
with the XFree86 server and then have separate
configuration options for each device.  Ideally, I
would be able to leave my touchpad's configuration
unchanged, but specify that my USB mouse is a
left-handed mouse.

If I had two USB mice and a Wacom tablet, I'd like to
be able to have the two USB mice set up with one as
a left-handed mouse and the other as a right-handed one.


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