Strange `files' in /tmp

When booting tonight I saw a message flash bij on the screen
about "changing file type of /tmp/.font-unix/fs-1 to 6" or
something like that.
I have never seen this before!

Looking in /tmp there are, next to fs-1 in /tmp/.font-unix
5 strange "files" with names:
955906929-gtkrc-1032046430, 955906960-gtkrc-192829243,
fileUgfyRb.htm, gtkrc_127216055 and gtkrc_1413800448.

For example `file gtkrc_127216055' gives as response:
gtkrc_127216055: can't stat `gtkrc_127216055' (No such file or directory).
And `fs-1' is a `socket'. I can imagine that this has some function
but the `ghosts' mentioned above are curious.

What are these creatures and what is their function if any.
By what are they created.


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