Re: GDM 2.0beta2 doesn't let root to login

On 10 Sep 1999 08:42:14 -0400, Roberto Zunino <> wrote:
>On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Benjamin Klein-Fignier wrote:
>> I have a problem with gdm. Since I have installed gdm 2.00beta2, root
>> can't login with gdm !!! It shut X down with no restart, I have to run a
>> killall gdm to restart it ! 
>> Note, root login is allowed in gdm.conf
>> Thanks for your help !
>> Ben.
>Try to set AllowRoot to 0 instead of 1. It seems that a "!" is missing
>from the code (gdm2/daemon/verify.c line 146). It defaults to 1 in gdm.h,
>too. It should be called "DenyRoot", at least.

I've put a fix for that into my tree that I'm using to make the RH package, but that
doesn't seem to help either - it aborts the login etc., instead of logging in as root.

Oh goodie, just found the bug. In auth.c gdm_auth_user_add(), the very first thing it
does is check to make sure the 'uid_t user' param is not 0 - if it is, things wind up

Have fun,
-- Elliot
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