Re: Swallowing WindowMaker Apps

> Enlightenment likes the windows it manages, and it does not want to let the
> panel swallow them. (this has been discussed before. Raster doesn't think
> it's the way to do it. He has strong oppinions :-)

	What are his "strong opinions"?
	That Gnome shouldn't swollow the Dock Apps, or that Dock Apps just
should not exist (in the fashion that WindowMaker has them)?

> On the other hand, Enlightenment should be able to swallow your WM dock
> apps.

	Is Enlightenment able to swollow them (or rather a program that
holds them) as a group?  It's really annoying having 4 floating Dock Apps
on my screen. :)

	Thanks again for the help!  (sorry for getting a little off topic)


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