Gnome Icon Pixmap Guidelines -- 2nd Request for Amendments

Please comment and amend on this document:

Gnome Icon Pixmap Guidelines


Gnome icons are 48x48 pixels in size, PNG format, shaped.


Gnome icons

- try to be a viable and international metaphor for what they
  represent; if this is not possible, they try to at least be a unique
  symbol that's easy to recognise and distinguish

- try to comply with the style of previously created Gnome icons

- are original artwork; simply postprocessing photographies or
  existing artwork or rendering icons directly with raytracers or such
  is out of the question

- do not infringe on any trademarks or the look and feel of other

- do not depict living persons in a naturalistic way or without their

- must take reasonable care not to be insulting to any member of any
  culture, not to be pornographic etc.


Gnome icons

- are easy to recognise when scaled down to 20x20 pixels

- don't contain text

- use transparency wherever possible (that is, don't contain grey
  backgrounds or such)

- use lots of colours so they don't look too cartoonish

- use them in gradients and such so they don't look like candy wrap

- prefer mellow colours such as the "Tigert green", "Tigert pink" and
  "Tigert grey" one can find in lots of pixmaps and tiles

- are shaped in order to look like complete objects; they don't look
  like part of the icon has been cut away at the border

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