Re: Point of Settings/Color Selector... in gnome-terminal

This implementation is out-of-sync with UI of 
most other similar-looking color pickers.
In fact, the only other color picker that I am
aware of that works this way is the one in IBM's
Warp OS/2.

It's cool functionality, but it would be much more 
intuitive for most people to allow selecting a UI
element and then using the color picker to color the 
element.  For example, look at Netscape --> Edit -->
Preferences --> Appearance --> Colors.


Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> >  Could someone please tell me what the point of "Settings/Color
> >  Selector..." in gnome-terminal as it does not seam to do anything
> >  useful...
> You can drag the colors from the color selector to the terminal to
> configure it.
>   Federico
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