Re: RPMs

You can check to see if the install went correctly with the command
"rpm -qi pkgname" (just the base part of the package name is needed --
not the version, release, etc parts).  This should print out some
information about the package.

If the program does not provide a menu entry, you can find out what it
installed with the command "rpm -ql pkgname".  Any files in /usr/bin are
probably executables, so you could try running one of those from the
command line.

If you prefer a bit of feedback when installing packages with rpm (by
default, it only prints something on failure), use "rpm -ivh" instead of
just "rpm -i" and "rpm -Uvh" instead of "rpm -U".



On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Lionel Pitaru (Particular) wrote:

> Hi!
> Like I'm new in this i will have stupid questions, sorry about that, i hope
> you understand me.
> I downloaded Caitoo.rpm. After doing this: rpm - i caitoo.rpm and installed
> all the libraries. Did i installed caitoo?. In that case Where? and How can
> i execute Caitoo from the menu?
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