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On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Karen M. Heiby wrote:

> Hi,
> I notice when I choose Random Screensavers, I get a lot of wacky
> screensavers that otherwise I don't find when I browse the other
> screensavers in the Desktop control panel.  How can I get these to show
> up?  For ex., one screensaver that looks cool is the fire that burns at
> the bottom of the screen.  But when I browse for that one so I can
> choose it, it isn't there in the list.
For each Screensaver showing up in the control panel there is a file
telling the control panel how to run the specific saver and what settings
can be changed. I your case there is no file for running the Xflame
The files are stored in $(datadir)/control-center/.data/
On RedHat and  debian this is /usr/share/control-center/.data/
The format of the file is similar to all the other .desktop files used by
GNOME and some kind of self-explaining if you look at the existing ones.

Attached you find the file for your missing xflame-screensaver.

 Have fun,

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[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Display fire at the bottom of the screen 
Exec=xscreensaver-command -activate

[Screensaver Data]

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