Re: gnome-core-1.1.0 bug report

On Mon, Nov 01, 1999 at 10:21:17AM -0800, Sri Ramkrishna wrote:
> One other thing, if you choose the default pixmap icon for a launcher and
> then go back and try to change the icon, it will still crash the panel.
> As for the floating panel and the arrow on the menu bar.  I think the only
> way you're going to be able to fix that is to make sure that you know how
> far the edges you are and want orientation you are.  You can probably ask
> the window manager where the panel is located on the screen and if you're
> close to whatever edge change the arrow to point in the appropriate
> direction.

Thinking about it a bit.... this is really a GTK thing. This shouldn't be
at all difficult to implement. When a menu pops up GTK already checks where
you are on the screen, because the menu shows on the left, the only other
thing that has to happen is for it to mirror the image used for the arrow
and put it on the other side.

I have no idea where to start in the code, but I'll see if I can make a
patch for this. Should make for a nice challenge :)

Sarel Botha

99 little bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code,
          fix one bug, compile it again...
          101 little bugs in the code....

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