Re: serious bug: desktop crashes

Hello Alain,

> Whenever I click on a desktop icon that points to a URL, my desktop
> locks up, and only c-a-bksp will recover.  I can reproduce it every
> time, though when I run gnome-moz-browser from the command line, it
> works just fine.  I configured the default URL handler to invoke a
> script which invokes gnome-moz-browser after touching /tmp/foo, and
> /tmp/foo is never created, so it seems like gnome-moz-browser isn't even
> being executed when I double-click one of the URL desktop icons.

I need your help to track this problem down.

I need you to run the command strace on the gmc program.

1. Start your desktop as usual.
2. Switch to a text console.
3. Login
4. Find out the PID for the process gmc.
5. Run strace -f -o mc.log -p PID
   (where PID is the PID of the gmc process)
6. Go back to X
7. Double clikc on the URL to make the problem appear
8. Go to text mode
9. Cancel the execution of strace
10. kill the gmc process
11. Mail me and Federico (federico@nuclecu.unam.xm) the mc.log file.

Best wishes,

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