Re: GNOME and PPP - suggestions for way forward

The PPP Dialer applet that comes with gnome-core has been removed for the
next release. Does the Modem Lights applet have any uses other than
dialing into PPP shells? I've never seen this applet.

There is a new PPP dialer applet that is distributed in the gnome-network
package, starting with version 1.0.2. It has some of the properties of the
applet you described.

Your suggestions for the statistics is appreciated also. This is something
that is planned to be added sometime I think.


On Sat, 29 May 1999, James Green wrote:

> Dear all,
> I've been playing around with the ppp and modem progs that come with
> gnome. I want to quickly congratulate those who did gnome-ppp - it worked
> first time, unlike other scripts and setup-tools that give failure notices
> from those in #linuxhelp.
> Now, it seems bizarre to have THREE (count 'em) apps/utils to perform
> modem/ppp operations. Could we not get rid of modem_lights and PPP-Applet
> and just expand gnome-ppp (it works, why break it?)?
> I propose (and I have no idea what's in CVS, i'm using the latest
> stable tarballs):
> - Gnome-PPP should be like the DUN in Windows95 in that it is available
>   both as an application and as a menu-driven system from the panel.
> - Get rid of modem_lights and PPP Applet
> - in Gnome-PPP have an option to display an applet icon with Rx/Tx modem
>   lights (damned useful for those unfortunate souls with internal modems)
> - when menu-clicked have a Connect To:-> submenu listing all known
>   possible connections (I have at least four different telephone numbers
>   to my ISP so if one fails...)
> - When 2x Selected (double-clicked) it connects to the default connection,
>   else cancels if attempting to connect/dialing/negotiating, else
>   disconnects
> - on Menu-click has a menu option to open a window full of statistics such
>   as:
>   * Time connection began
>   * Time last connection closed
>   * Current time on-line
>   * Last known connect speed (e.g. 52k)
>   * Total number of bytes received/transmitted
>   * Status, PID and Device (as per current gnome-ppp)
>   * Current negotiated speed (is this possible?)
>   * Highest speed (normally the initial connect speed by may differ)
>   * Local ip address
>   * Remote (NAS) ip address
>   * ip address(es) of the DNS server(s)
> - When attempting to connect, it does a little animation (panel)
> - Connect/Disconnect/Cancel Menu entries.
> I would do this lot myself, but am only now going through the gtk
> tutorial, so it'll be a while before I start developing anything (I have
> got something in mind for *all* you web-developers out there, more soon).
> Comments, suggestions?
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> James Green
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