Re: Language choices for the GNOME system

On 25 May 1999 22:04:26 -0400, SEGV <> wrote:
>>    Now, I personally have problems with C++.  It is a language that
>> has evolved over time: there was no clear goal at the beginning, nor a
>> clear goal during its development.  What we have now is a mix of
>> language features, many of them good features.  But sadly, the
>> language lacks some sort of "internal" consistency.  This is purely
>> from a taste-point-of-view.
>I believe you might change that opinion after

[I believe you might change your opinion after writing a C++ parser, but that
is even more off-topic. :-]

Please help improve gtk--/gnome-- - we don't need any more language wars. If
people want to use C++ with GNOME, while you can't ask us to ourselves, you
can certainly expect reasonable support from the non-C++ developers to get
your patches integrated. I and all the other GNOME hackers have tried to make
GNOME accessable from all languages - now it's your turn to fix what you
don't like.

To other potential follow-up-ers out there - please end this thread before it
goes any further. Those wishing to announce releases of actual code for
language bindings should feel free to use gnome-announce-list...

-- Elliot, who passionately hates C++, but still wrote the initial gtk+ C++

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