Re: Choice of languages

Michael ROGERS wrote:
> > >> Why choose C, and not C++?
> >
> >because C is a good assembly language, while C++ is a monster.
>  This doesn't explain why C was used for Gnome - hardly an assembly language
> project.
>  To quote from your own web page, "eventually C was used to write large
> programs (word processors, computer algebra systems, computer-aided design
> systems, etc). C is a totally inappropriate language for large projects: it
> lacks all the aspects of a high-level language, which means that the
> programmer has to design a work-around for all of them".
>  Surely by these criteria C++ is more suitable for application programming
> than C?
> Michael Rogers

I hate to be the voice of reason, but from my non-programming stance, I
can see two things:

1. C is generally faster in use and easier to grasp than C++ because
there is not nearly as much to C as there is to C++ -- that is probably
why it was used to begin with.

2. This entire thread is moot. GTK+ is a C-based widget set, almost all
of Gnome is C-based, and will probably never convert over. Now, there is
GTK--, which allows you to program GTK+ and Gnome apps in C++. 

Wow, haven't seen the beginnings of another language war in a *long*

    Jim Cape

    Less is More. Learn it. Use it. Get an X Terminal. :-)

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