Re: Notification services

Elliot Lee wrote:
> Theoretically, gnome_triggers already does this (and is already used
> for some basic things like sound events). The API should be fairly 
> flexible, but the backend needs work. Feel free...
> -- Elliot
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I like the idea of expanding the use of an already existing API, as well
as a central event notification mechanism.

This could be used for a lot of things, notification of when a file
download is finished, notification of mail being recieved, etc.

One area where I think it could be of use is in notification of when a
program is loading.  This has always seemed to be a controversial topic
for X users, but I have to admit it's one of the few things I actually
like about Windows.  It's annoying not knowing if you accidently
mis-clicked, or if the program didn't start correctly or if it's just
taking a long time to load.

I don't know how many times my mother accidently launced two or three
copies of Netscape. :)

It wouldn't be a bad idea to put hooks into the gnome error mechanisms
to spit out events either.  It's not entirely intuitive to newbies that
you have to alt-f* to get back to the vt that you launched X out of just
to see the error messages.

It might not be a bad idea to put together something to poll for events
and do pop-ups on events, based on a user defined filter (e.g. critical
only, etc).  And possibly a little panel applet.

Just some thoughts...


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