Re: Notification services


I thought of such a thing, too.

As I don't have time right now( maybe in a month or so), here are my

- provide a server using gnorba with a backend and a frontend api.

- backend api for notification submitters like:
	mailbox watchers
	irc client
	webpage watchers

- frontend api for notification listeners
	pop-up pager
	nice animation with speech and funny drawings

- notifications are classified
	'new mail'
	'web page changed'

- objects can register with the backend to provide notifications

- and objects can register with the frontend to listen for notifications



On Wed, 5 May 1999, Eric Kidd wrote:

> Like most Linux users, I run lots of software at once. Some of this
> software wants to notify me of various events. My mail program needs to
> tell me when new mail arrives. My IRC client needs to get my attention
> whenever somebody asks for help on a certain channel. Other programs need
> to report errors.
> The syslog mechanism works fine for system events. But no equivalent
> mechanism exists for user events.
> Would it be worthwhile to create a standard API for getting the user's
> attention?
> Cheers,
> Eric
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Alexander Peuchert ( not very interesting yet ;-) )

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