RE: Latest RPM Install Crashes

The lockup problem itself appears to be a problem with either E or Gmc.  Supposedly
this is being investigated by the folks at RHAD Labs.  :-)

In regards to switching to console and having X get killed, are you by any chance 
running the FrameBuffer driver version of X?  I seem to recall it having a tendency
to lock up when switching to virtual terminals.  At least it did it frequently
with my system.  :)

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 14:58:49 Greg Kelley wrote:
> As a follow-up I can sometimes switch virtual terminals (ctl-alt-F2) and run
> PS to see what's up.  When I switch back, the entire X session has quit and
> there is a screenfull of gnu/gtk? critical errors and warnings.
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> Subject: Latest RPM Install Crashes
> I have downloaded all required and optional files using
> as my guide.  All libraries and
> applications installed under RPM with no problems.  I have started Gnome
> using the session method in .Xclients and the system will randomly lock up
> requiring a cold boot.  The mouse cursor still moves, but that's all.
> Keyboard and mouse buttons are dead.
> Using the Panel method in .Xclients to start Gnome will cause either a
> system lockup, or the Pager to remove itself from the Panel and all
> minimized running apps end up as square buttons on the desktop, or the Panel
> itself simply disappears.
> I'm running under RedHat 5.2 on a Dell Optiplex GX1 400mtbr+ with 6Gb HD
> partitioned in two halves for Win95 and Linux.  I can provide peripherals
> attached if necessary.  Thanks for any direction or ideas...
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